Fine Amnesty Week – April 11-16

NLW-skyscraper_0To celebrate National Library Week, we are having a fine-free week. That means that any items you return between April 11 and 16, we will remove the fines from your account, no matter how overdue the items are! This is a great opportunity to get your account back down to zero and see what’s new at the Ferguson Public Library. There are a few exceptions:

 Excessively damaged items will not be accepted. If the disc is cracked or pages are torn and missing, you will still have to pay the replacement cost for the item.
Only items that say “Ferguson Library” on them will be accepted. We can’t waive fines on items that don’t belong to us, even on items that you requested from other libraries in the Municipal Library Consortium. EDIT: We can waive fines on items that belong to other libraries in the Municipal Library Consortium!
– Old fines on your card will not be waived. We are only waiving fines on items you return between April 11 and 16.

We look forward to seeing you in April! Welcome back to the Ferguson Public Library. 🙂


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Tax Information

Due to a scheduling conflict, VITA will not be offering free tax preparation at the library this year. They will instead be offering it at the Ferguson Community Center, 1050 Smith Avenue, at the following dates and times:

  • Fridays, February 5 – April 15, from 1 pm to 5 pm
  • Saturdays, February 6 – April 16, from 9 am to 3 pm

For more information about other free tax preparation locations or questions about this service, please contact VITA at (314) 539-4062. For directions to the Ferguson Community Center, please contact them at (314) 521-4661 or click here for a map.

Need forms?

Federal forms can be found here: Use the search box or the list on that page to download and print off the forms you need. If you need a form from a previous year, click the prior year tab above the search box to search for the year and the form you need. Want to check the status of your refund? Follow the instructions at this link:

Missouri state forms can be found here: Use the search box to download and print off the forms you need by filling in the form number you need, as well as the year if you need a form prior to 2015. Use the category box to narrow your results to business or personal tax forms. If you need the Missouri Property Tax Credit form, commonly known as the circuit breaker, click the following link to download and print that form and other materials: If you received a postcard in the mail and need to access your Missouri 1099-G amount, you may do so by calling (573) 526-8299 or by following the instructions here:

If you are having trouble downloading and printing the forms you need, please visit us at the library. While librarians are not tax professionals and cannot help you choose the forms you need to file or help you fill them out, we can help you access these materials. We also have some tax forms and booklets available for you to use.

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January Events at the Library

january events We have lots of great events scheduled for this month!

Do you have a kid fascinated by computers and interested in apps? Sign them up for our kids coding class! They will learn how to make their own computer programs in lots of different ways. The six-week class starts Tuesday, January 12, and registration is required.

Do your New Year’s resolutions include being more active or trying new things? Come to our Yoga For Adults class! This free class will teach you how to de-stress and help you increase your flexibility. All you will need to bring is your own yoga mat or beach towel! The class starts Saturday, January 23 and will meet every other Saturday.

The Boeing engineers return, and this time they are bringing some cool tech with them! Our Boeing Invention Night last fall was a huge success, with lots of kids (and their parents!) learning about the invention process and solving several challenges, all while having fun. Boeing Technology Night promises to offer more of the same, with everyone getting a chance to try out MaKey Makeys and a 3D printer.

If you have any questions or want to sign your child up for our kids coding class or Boeing Technology Night, please visit the library or give us a call at 521-4820!

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