Opening – Technical Services Librarian

Ferguson Municipal Public Library in Ferguson, Missouri, needs a meticulous full-time Technical Services Librarian!  You would take charge of cataloging and processing, but also have regular hours for Library Assistant duties like helping at the circulation desk.  It requires the meticulous detail of a cataloger, but also the people skills necessary to help the public face-to-face.  


Requirements for the position:

– At least 2 years experience copy cataloging in a library setting, and willingness to train toward original cataloging skills.

– MLIS/MLS preferred but not required.

– Computer experience, including word processing, Internet, and the ability to learn and use the Library Circulation System effectively.

– Read, write, and speak at a professional level.

– Ability to establish and maintain courteous and effective working relationships with staff, patrons, and local citizens, and also maintain composure while handling complaints from the public.

– Ability to stand for extended periods of time, lift/carry 25 pounds, and reach shelves for retrieval or shelving of materials.

– Dependable and ready for duty at/during scheduled times.  Able to carry-out established procedures and policies.  Positive work attitude.

– Commitment to service, teamwork, professional standards.


The Cataloger reports to the Director.  Duties include:
– Classifying and cataloging Library materials, including books, videos, audio, and other materials in a timely manner, using an online bibliographic database.  We use Polaris.
– Performing catalog maintenance, and coordinating with other catalogers in the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis.
– Maintaining good relations with public and staff, in a courteous and tactful manner. You must be both patient and firm.  Sometimes you will deal with people who are behaving very badly.

– Serving as shift supervisor one morning a week and one evening a week and the occasional Saturday.

– Training and supervising volunteers.

– Taking ownership of and maintaining the stacks and supervising any changes thereto.

– Organizing and completing large projects on your own initiative.

– Ordering new materials and working within a planned ordering budget.

– Performing the countless tasks necessary to keep a library running. Libraries have infinite work, and a lot of variety in tasks. This includes opening and closing the library and circulation desk, counting money, printing reports, and more.

– Other duties as assigned. Sometimes it seems like the whole job is other duties as assigned.

Ferguson, one of the oldest cities in St. Louis County, has a rich history and strong identity. It is a diverse community of around 18,500 wonderful people. The Ferguson Municipal Public Library is independent, but also part of the Municipal Library Consortium, a collection of 9 municipal libraries across St. Louis County.

This is a salaried position.  You will have a set schedule, mostly Monday through Friday but with one evening a week and approximately one Saturday a month.  You may be asked to shift schedules occasionally.

Starting salary will be between $37,000 and $45,000 per year, depending on experience and whether you have an MLIS/MLS degree. Benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, and health insurance.


Applications should include a cover letter and current resume, and be sent to sbonner@fergusonlibrary.net, or to

Ferguson Library,

C/O Scott Bonner,

35 North Florissant Rd,

Ferguson, MO 63135.


We will consider applications until the position is filled in a rolling interview process, so quick response will increase likelihood of getting an interview. The Ferguson Municipal Public Library District is an equal opportunity employer.

– Scott Bonner, Director