COVID-19 Updates

Update to Library Services

Latest Update (3/18/2021): Starting Monday, March 22, 2021, the Ferguson Public Library will be reopening the library lobby and expanding hours! If you visited us last fall before Thanksgiving, then this will look familiar to you. Here’s the latest:

  • Our hours will be 9-6 pm Monday-Friday, and 9-1 pm on Saturday. We will remain closed on Sundays, just like always.
  • With the lobby open, you can now use a computer! We will have two computers available for 15 minute sessions only. We may set up more computers outside if the weather permits.
  • You will also be able to make copies, send faxes, and scan documents to an email address on your own (though we are always here to help if you get stuck!).
  • If you still don’t feel comfortable coming inside, or you prefer the convenience, we will still be offering curbside service. Park in one of our curbside spots and follow the directions on the sign, and we will help you with copying, faxing, or deliver your documents or requested library materials to your car.
  • The rest of the library will remain closed, so no browsing just yet. Our library staff is always ready to make recommendations and can help you find books and movies, so let us know what you’re interested in!
  • And don’t forget your mask!

We’re almost there, Ferguson! We hope to have the rest of the building open soon.

The Ferguson Municipal Public Library is aware of the global COVID-19 pandemic and are taking added precautions in our facility to help keep our patrons, staff, and community healthy.

Temporary changes you may see include:

  • Changes to library services, such as
    • reduced hours of operation
    • limits on computer use
    • number of patrons in the building
    • limits on how long a patron can stay in the building
    • prohibiting use of our conference room and auditorium
    • closing the building entirely
  • Staff and patrons wearing face masks
  • Increased cleaning measures
  • Less seating
  • Notifications throughout the library on proper hygiene such as hand-washing and sneezing/coughing
  • Frequent wiping down of library surfaces such as the computers, tables, and copy machine

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes rapidly, our services are changing rapidly. Please continue to check this page for the latest information about our services and what we can offer during this time. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our weekly Wowbrary newsletter.

Vaccination Information

The vaccines are here! Health officials all recommend that you register with multiple agencies and take the first available appointment to ensure you get vaccinated as soon as you are able. The links below will take you to area agencies’ websites to pre-register for a vaccine.

Demand is high, so agencies are asking that as many people as possible register online for the vaccine. If it is not possible for you to register online, here are some phone numbers you can call to register:

  • St. Louis County – (314) 615-2660. Calls will only be answered from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • State of Missouri – 1-877-435-8411. Calls will only be answered from 7 am – 7 pm.
  • BJC Healthcare – (314) 273-1252. BJC warns that call wait times may be long.
  • Mercy Hospital – 1-833-364-6777. This is an automated number.

If you are age 60 or above, or are a homebound adult, Aging Ahead can help you get registered for a vaccine, coordinate transportation to and from your vaccination site, or help you get a vaccination at home if you are unable to leave your house. You can reach them by calling (636) 207-4209.

For more information about the vaccination roll-out in St. Louis and the state of Missouri, please visit the State of Missouri’s Stronger Together website and St. Louis County’s Coronavirus Information Center.

You may have concerns about the safety and efficacy of the available vaccines. Here are some trusted sources that can help explain how the different vaccines work, as well as dispel myths and misinformation that you may have seen online:

Trusted Resources

coronaAs you seek information about the coronavirus, make sure your information is from a trusted source. Many sources can exaggerate, or even fabricate, news in an effort to create panic.

We recommend these online resources for accurate information on COVID-19:


For Kids

Your child or teenager might have lots of questions about the virus and the pandemic. Maybe the change in routines has them, or even yourself, thrown off.  Here are some resources on how to talk about the pandemic, emotions related to the pandemic, and information on how to keep your child healthy during this time: