COVID-19 Updates

Update to Library Services


Latest Update (11/19/2020): Following the St. Louis County Department of Public Health’s new Safer at Home order, we are making changes to our curbside service. Here is what that will look like:

  • Our building, including the lobby area, will be closed to patrons. You will no longer be able to come in and use a computer, make copies, fax, or pick up library materials from inside the building.
  • Curbside service will be available from 9-2 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and from 2-7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The library will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • To fax and copy, please park in one of our designated curbside spots and follow the directions on the sign. We will come out and get your papers from you and then bring them inside to fax or copy. Please stay in your car and wear a mask.
  • To print, please forward your documents to You can then pick them up using our curbside service.
  • For computer use, you can bring your own device and connect to our wifi network in the parking lot. We also have a limited number of laptops that can be checked out with a valid Ferguson Library card and a photo ID. You must stay in your car, in our parking lot, while you use a laptop.
  • To pick up library materials, you can request books and movies online through our catalog, or call the library to request them over the phone. When you receive notification that your items are ready, you can pick them up using our curbside service, and we will safely deliver them to the trunk of your car.

We know that this is yet another change during a time that has seen a lot of changes, but we feel that these actions are a necessary step to keep our staff, our patrons, and our community healthy. We appreciate all your support and your patience as we face this unprecedented time together!

The Ferguson Municipal Public Library is aware of the global COVID-19 pandemic and are taking added precautions in our facility to help keep our patrons, staff, and community healthy.

Temporary changes you may see include:

  • Changes to library services, such as
    • reduced hours of operation
    • limits on computer use
    • number of patrons in the building
    • limits on how long a patron can stay in the building
    • prohibiting use of our conference room and auditorium
    • closing the building entirely
  • Staff and patrons wearing face masks
  • Increased cleaning measures
  • Less seating
  • Notifications throughout the library on proper hygiene such as hand-washing and sneezing/coughing
  • Frequent wiping down of library surfaces such as the computers, tables, and copy machine

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes rapidly, our services are changing rapidly. Please continue to check this page for the latest information about our services and what we can offer during this time. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our weekly Wowbrary newsletter.

Trusted Resources

coronaAs you seek information about the coronavirus, make sure your information is from a trusted source. Many sources can exaggerate, or even fabricate, news in an effort to create panic.

We recommend these online resources for accurate information on COVID-19:


For Kids

Your child or teenager might have lots of questions about the virus and the pandemic. Maybe the change in routines has them, or even yourself, thrown off.  Here are some resources on how to talk about the pandemic, emotions related to the pandemic, and information on how to keep your child healthy during this time: